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How to choose a suitable dining table for your home ?

How to choose a suitable dining table for your home ?

Choosing furniture is a very important part of house decoration, because whether your home looks good or not depends on whether you choose the right furniture, such as a dining table, it is really not as simple as buying a table at random. Using different dining tables and chairs at home,  the feeling will be different. So yes, the dining table not only meets the needs of eating, but also needs high appearance to please ourselves !


Foreign families are generally big families with a large population, so the choice of dining table has become a more concerned issue !


Middle Eastern customers generally have a main dining room and a family dining room, the choice of the main dining room is particularly important ! Many customers will also be overwhelmed by the choice of long dining table !


Well, you are lucky to read this article !


Ekar Furniture specializes in various customized villa products. The long dining table is currently our main product. Many styles can be customized into various sizes to meet the space needs of our different customers.

For example if you want 12 seats in classic style , your table need to be 3.2m-3.5m long or Ø1.8m , if you need 18 seats , your table need to be 5.4m or Ø3.0m etc .

If you do not have an idea , you may send us your layout then we can check for you !


There are roughly four types of dining tables on the market, solid wood, MDF board, stone, glass


If you have a high demand for furniture and your budget is relatively high, we generally recommend choosing solid wood frame with plywood top ,make various shapes and decorations, embellishment !

For solid wood, we can do high-gloss paint, gold foil, and natural veneer parquet, nature shell parquet, there are many choices for options !


If you have a limited budget , we can consider solid wood frame with simple design , without many details ! Or the same style, we reduce some complex processes to meet your budget !


If you have a low budget , modern simple design can be a choice for you ! Because the production process relatively simple , without a lot of cumbersome craftsmanship ! Mostly stainless steel with ceramic ,marble or glass top !


However, no matter which style the you finally chooses or how much the budget is, as long as it matches the decoration of your home, then the most common style is also perfectly fit for your home !


We have a professional design and sales team, which can meet the needs of your whole house customization, and guarantee your satisfaction !


Feel free to contact us anytime !

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