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Buy furniture purchase strategy! Sales won't tell you the truth!

Buy furniture purchase strategy! Sales won't tell you the truth!
Many people buy furniture based on their preferences. They often choose something that is "golden and jade, but it's in the middle". After buying it, it doesn't take long to regret it. Ekar is here to teach you how to choose furniture. General sales will not tell you the truth:
1. Reserve furniture size
Especially sofas, tea tables, and activity spaces must be measured in advance before furniture can be purchased.
2. Is the furniture solid wood or MDF?
It is best to use solid wood furniture. When selecting MDF, you need to ask the seller to provide a qualified inspection report.
Because the price of solid wood furniture is high, but it does not contain formaldehyde and is more environmentally friendly. MDF furniture is cheap, but it contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde. However, as long as the formaldehyde content is within the standard range, it is a qualified product.
3. Is the sofa made of fabric or leather?
This depends on personal preference. If the leather sofa is not processed properly, it will smell of leather, the leather surface is easy to crack, and it may contain formaldehyde. Fabric sofa fabrics are also prone to excessive formaldehyde. When choosing a sofa, pay attention to whether there is a test compliance report. If you are concerned about harmful substances, you can choose a solid wood sofa.
4. The softer the mattress, the better?
no! One is that it is not good for the body, and the other is that such a mattress may have quality problems, such as the springs used are not up to standard, and the springs will be deformed after a short sleep.

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