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Material Choices Making a Difference with EKAR Furniture

Material Choices Making a Difference with EKAR Furniture

The journey of selecting the perfect piece of furniture often transcends beyond aesthetic appeal. For many, the choice of material not only dictates design but also speaks volumes about personal style, commitment to sustainability, and a desire for longevity. At EKAR Furniture, our commitment is always to provide our clients with pieces that resonate with their individual narrative. Here's a collection of stories from our esteemed clientele that reinforces the importance of material choices in the transformative world of interior design.

Liam's Teakwood Tale

Liam, a young entrepreneur from Toronto, approached us with a specific vision. He wanted a centerpiece for his startup's new office that was both resilient and showcased a strong connection to nature. Our design team suggested teakwood, renowned for its durability and stunning grain patterns. Today, a beautifully crafted teakwood table stands as a testament in his office, epitomizing the strength and growth of his business. "EKAR's teakwood selection gave my space the identity it deserved," he shared.

A Sustainable Choice: Mia's Bamboo Chronicles

Mia, an environmental activist based in Vancouver, was keen on furnishing her new apartment with materials that reflected her commitment to the planet. Intrigued by EKAR's diverse material palette, Mia fell in love with our bamboo range. A grass that can grow up to three feet in a day, bamboo's rapid renewal rate makes it a sustainable choice. She shares, "EKAR's bamboo pieces are not just furniture; they're a statement of my eco-conscious lifestyle."

Crafting Legacy: The Robinsons and Oak

The Robinsons, a family from Montreal, were on the lookout for timeless pieces that could be passed down generations. Our designers introduced them to our oak collection, symbolic of strength and endurance. Months later, the Robinsons expressed their gratitude, emphasizing how each oak piece from EKAR felt like it carried a legacy within.

A Touch of Elegance: Sarah's Velvet Venture

Sarah, a budding novelist from Calgary, sought to create a reading nook that embodied elegance and comfort. Our design consultants, recognizing her penchant for luxury, introduced her to our velvet-upholstered chairs. Today, she often shares snippets of her writing, comfortably nestled in her EKAR velvet chair, which she fondly calls "the throne of creativity."


EKAR Furniture prides itself on understanding the unique stories and aspirations of each client. Beyond creating furniture, we believe in crafting narratives, emphasizing the pivotal role of material choices. As our client stories showcase, the right material does more than meet a functional need; it encapsulates emotions, commitments, and dreams.

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