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How to properly match classical furniture in interior design?

How to properly match classical furniture in interior design?

To properly match classical furniture in interior design, the following points need to be considered from a professional point of view:

1. Consider the overall color matching: the color of the whole interior should be kept uniform, and consider matching the classical furniture with other furniture and accessories. Choose pastel-toned wallpapers, floors, and drapes to accentuate classic furniture.

2. Choose appropriate classical furniture: Classical furniture has different styles, so it is very important to choose classical furniture that suits the overall interior design style. For example, if the interior design style is British classical, you can choose heavy furniture in dark tones; if the interior design style is French classical, you can choose classic golden furniture.


3. Size and proportion: Classical furniture is often relatively large, so it is necessary to consider the size and proportion of furniture when matching. If the space is small, you can choose small classical furniture to maintain the overall balance and coordination.


4. Pay attention to details: In the matching of classical furniture, it is also very important to pay attention to details. For example, when choosing curtains and carpets, you can choose products that are similar in pattern and color to classical furniture to achieve a coordinated effect.

5. Spatial layout: When matching classical furniture, the spatial layout is also very important. Classical furniture is often heavy and needs to be arranged reasonably in the interior design to make the overall space more harmonious and beautiful.


In general, a reasonable collocation of classical furniture in interior design requires a comprehensive consideration of the overall color, furniture selection, size ratio, details and space layout and other factors. Interior designers need to understand classical furniture and grasp the overall space in order to create a harmonious and beautiful interior space.

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