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Basic principles and elements of classic home furniture design

Basic principles and elements of classic home furniture design


There are many basic principles and elements in classic home furniture design, the following are some basic contents:


The design of classic home furniture pays attention to the beauty of symmetry and proportion. The overall shape of the furniture should show symmetry, and the proportions between the various parts should also be coordinated.


1. The shape design of classic home furniture should conform to the principles of ergonomics, so that people feel comfortable and natural when using it.


2. The material selection of classic home furniture is also very important. The commonly used materials are solid wood, tulip tree, mahogany and so on.


3. The color of furniture is also an important part of classic home furniture design, which needs to be coordinated with the interior style. Traditional-style interiors should use calm dark-toned furniture, Japanese-style interior furniture should use wood-colored furniture, and French-style interiors should use light-colored furniture. EKAR FURNITURE is your best choice for classic home furniture.


4. The details of classic home furniture are very important, such as carvings, lines, etc., which need to conform to the style and proportion of the overall shape.


5. The structural design of classic home furniture also needs to consider the use function and load-bearing capacity of the furniture.


In short, the design of classic home furniture needs to pay attention to the overall coordination and the processing of details, and at the same time conform to the principles of ergonomics and the requirements of the interior style. At the same time, the use function and load-bearing capacity of the furniture also need to be fully considered.

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