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Furniture should be properly maintained and cleaned

All wooden furniture must be protected from direct sunlight, solid wood furniture maintenance is no exception. Because the main material of solid wood furniture is wood, if the wood is a long time exposure, then easy to evaporate the moisture in the wood, and then solid wood furniture will be dry and easy to fold. Solid wood furniture maintenance should avoid the sun, but not to say that the darker the better indoor, the more wet the better, solid wood furniture storage temperature and humidity is conditional, should keep the storage space suitable temperature and humidity. In general, solid wood furniture placed in the relative humidity of 35% to 40% of the environment is ideal.

In order to keep the solid wood furniture gloss and moisture, usually with protective wax or special cleaning agent evenly coated on the furniture surface, and then gently wipe can be. If the weather is hot in summer, try not to use the wiped cloth with water directly to prevent the moisture deformation, the correct maintenance of solid wood furniture to extend its service life. In addition, the solid wood furniture should not be placed directly in the vent position, the wind is too strong but will make home furniture deformation, cracking.


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