1:  Q:  Do you have quality assurance  ?
      A:    Yes, of course,   all the furniture have quality assurance from  1-5 years .

2: Q: Can we buy as personal not business ?

    A:  Yes,  you can,  some country we can offer door to door service . some is not . In order to protect our distributor,

         the price will be different with distributor, hope you can understand.

3:Q:  How ship to us if we buy small order ?

  A:   the shipping way is  LCL,  it means less container loading.  if you just buy 1  chair or 1  table or something , Just 1 piece , we suggest that you d better buy it in your local market , because the shipping cost is much more than the furniture .  More than  4 pieces is acceptable order . 

4:  Q:  What is your payment 

     A:    Payment is  T/T ,  or  L/C.  am sorry to tell you that we can not accept PAYPAL .

             Alipay is acceptable . 
5: Q:  Do you have some certificate to meet the local custom when we import from you . 

   A:   yes , of course , we can offer  TUV,  CE .  FSC  ,SGS  ,  if you need other certificate , we may apply it for you . 

6:  Q:  If  we join Ekar Furniture Group as distributor,  what we can get from you ?

    A:   All distributor in the world can be get all information about furniture ,  new design  each season ,   low price  and unique furniture .  Ekar Can help you imporve market business thant others .

7:  Q:  How  can we be your distributor   ?

    A:    please contact us and introduce your company ,  we will research your documents and give  answer asap.  some country already  take  the distributor , so if late , maybe you can not get it .  welcome more and more importer  join us as distributors. 

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